The other night we headed to our favorite BBQ joint for some grub.

Addyson came to the counter with me to pay our bill and got the obligatory free balloon. (Remember when something so simple would make your day?)

Helium filled orb in hand, Addy ran to show off her new treasure to her mom and brother.

Three strides in, her toe caught my heel, she lost her balance and slammed face first into the tile floor.

Blood, tears, bruised lip and gum, a slightly loosened tooth, overinflated lip and one pediatric dentist visit ensued.

The good news is that everything should be fine. Worst case is that she may have some discoloration of one tooth. In fact, her lip is almost back to normal size.

The bad news is that we’ve realized that we can’t protect our kids from everything we wish we could. This was Addy’s first semi-serious injury.

It won’t be her last.