As a parting gift, Xroads gave me Apple’s new golden fruit- the iphone. I activated it a few days ago.

Practically speaking, this is the perfect gift. I’ll be commuting from Lexington to Raleigh for a couple of months and working (long term?) without a designated office space. The iphone gives me access to email and web wherever I get phone service.

There’s also a bit of irony in this gift since I haven’t carried a cell phone for pretty much the entire time I worked at Crossroads. I had an office with a phone, and lived just around the corner- where I also had a phone.

Now I’m back in the game…or carrying the ball and chain…however you choose to look at it.

So far, the iphone is by far the easiest cell phone I’ve ever used- even though it is the most feature-packed.

My greatest dilemma? Where to carry it? I refuse to do the belt clip/case thing. (Vanity, Vanity) I don’t like to carry things in my front pocket. Is the back pocket a good choice?

So, looks like it will sit on the table or in my bag.

Or I’ll be wearing A LOT of cargo pants.