Those of you who know us well, know that our family eats out a bit. Quite a bit might be more accurate.

Lately, Colston (7 mos.) seems to have outgrown his infant carrier. Not only is he technically too long for it, but he won’t sit in it for the length of any meal.

So, last night we entered a new phase in Colston’s life- the use of restaurant high chairs. What made this potentially awkward was that we had no food to feed him at the time, and that he throws every toy you hand him on the floor after exactly 5.3 seconds.

But Colston’s time in the high chair last night went off without a hitch, thanks to a simple dining implement.

The soup spoon. He mouthed that thing for a good 20 minutes and the rest of the family supped in relative peace.

Rookie parents might not have gone for the soup spoon. But 3+ years on the parenting gig has taught us a thing or two.

Like soup spoons will pacify 7 month olds. And steak knives don’t work nearly as well.