When many of my KY friends heard I was moving to the Raleigh area, they approached me with concern for my soul. With the intensity of an intervention, they implored me not to root for the Dukie’s (read Dookie’s if you are a UK fan) or the fellas who wear the powder blue uni’s. I made no promises, but said that I’d try to keep my ‘Cat loyalties alive. Well, this past weekend I attended my first Raleigh sporting event: The Carolina Hurricanes vs. The Florida Panthers NHL game.

Had a great time. I was invited to sit in a box that one of the guy’s in our worship band had rented so the rest of the band and their families could spend some time together.

If you’ve never seen a game from a luxury box- I highly recommend it. Why?: the constant provision of food, drinks (and dessert), premium parking passes, and the multiple seating options just off the top of my head.

So, breathe easy my UK brethren. My integrity is intact. (At least until someone offers me free tix to the Dean Dome or a chance to hang with the Cameron Crazies.)

And Russ- thanks again for letting me crash the party!