Every day from now until Christmas is excruciating for the kids in our lives. They wait…and wait…and wait for the 25th day of the year’s final month to arrive. It’s enough to drive a youngster crazy.

I can relate. For the last few months we’ve been waiting for the day when we finalize the sale of our existing home in KY. Today we took another huge step.

We signed a contract with another buyer. Unlike our last buyer, this one doesn’t have to sell their existing home. On top of that, they want to close quickly- like before the 2007 calendars become obsolete.

Am I excited? Almost. Why not? It’s my friend, Jason’s fault. 15 months ago, Jason relocated from FL to KY. All that time and 7 contracts later, he still owns his house down south. At one point he told me that an hour rarely goes by when he doesn’t think about this. (Feel free to add Jason and his wife Maria to your personal prayer list if you have one.)

So, I’m thrilled to have another contract. I’ll be giddy if the home inspection scheduled for Friday reveals nothing significant. I’ll levitate my hiney to the car if we close as planned on 12/28.

Although this journey has been challenging at times, I’m convinced that it has been bearable only because of the prayers you and others offer for us. We are grateful. Please keep it up- at least until everything is official.