Since we loaded our moving truck last Thursday, we’ve been bunking with Jen’s folks, taking care of last minute errands and enjoying time with family and friends.

Here are a few of the sweet moments from the last couple of days:

New Year’s Eve Bash @ The Carter’s Loft
Two of our dearest friends in Lexington just closed on a downtown loft. In a matter of two days they furnished it and threw a prom themed dinner party to ring in the new year. Many of the folks we’ll miss the most in KY were there. The food, dancing and conversation were top notch. The New Year’s kiss, fruit bombs from the balcony and near streaking by one participant weren’t too shabby either.

New Year’s Day @ Walmart

Despite my best efforts, I’ve been unable to sell my Bronco. So, the gas guzzler (9 miles to the gallon) is heading to Raleigh on Thursday. Whether or not it will make it to my new hometown remains to be seen. To up the odds (and safeguard my life) I sprang for new tires all around. It took the tire techs about an hour to play pit crew. In the meantime I bought a magazine and breezed through hundreds of insights into how to make 2008 my best year ever.

I was also treated to two surprisingly nice conversations with fellow shoppers. One lady was in a motorized wheel chair in the middle of the Subway where I was sitting. As I got up to leave, I smiled at her and she started talking to me. I learned that she had a house full of people coming to stay for a week (thus the overflowing shopping cart) and that she was using a scooter because she’d been in a vicious car wreck in October. She’s still receiving transfusions of some kind, but is hoping to be done with those soon. After a couple of minutes, I wished her well and headed to pay for my new treads.

When I reached the counter the clerk was helping someone else. Which left me standing next to a guy wearing a bass fishing hat- complete with large gold fishing hook on the brim. He was waiting to get his oil changed. He filled me in on his plan to travel to Leesburg FL tomorrow- designed to get him away from the cold and the plethora of grandchildren who invade his house here non-stop. Can’t blame him. Our chat was only interrupted by a timely “Can I help the next customer please?”

Although I haven’t made any resolutions for ’08, I am hoping to be more present in the moment and aware of the folks around me. Guess I got a chance to practice today.

A Surprise Snowfall

Although the forecasters weren’t calling for it, we got more than just a dusting of snow today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be heading to a warmer climate in Raleigh. But it was nice to see the snow today.