They say that everything we ever experience gets filed away somewhere in the recesses of our brains. Every now and then, something we’ve assumed was buried in our cranial long- term storage shows up on the mental desktop. Exhibit A: The hook from a song from my childhood- courtesy of Peaches & Herb.

Yesterday, Jen, Addy, Colston, and the Balm grandparents made the trek from Lexington to Raleigh. They made good time (a relative term with kids) stretching the 8 hour drive into 10 1/2 hours. Translation- if you like car trips- don’t have kids.

As I watched my road weary family roll into our apartment complex and get their first glimpse of the new (but short term- that’s another post) digs- my internal mp3 player dialed up “Reunited and it feels so good”. So good in fact, that it is a bit surreal.

I’m grateful to be playing with my kids today in our new city. Hope all of you who aren’t local can come visit us sometime soon.

In case you find it helpful, our new address is:
4202 Village Cross Way
Cary, NC 27518