On Wednesday I managed to take multiple layers of skin off of a couple of my fingers. After burning through the band-aids we had on hand in a few days, I rolled up on my local CVS to replenish our first aid kit. After tracking down the appropriate aisle, I found myself facing the age-old shopper’s dilemma:

Name Brand OR Generic?

There I stood, wavering between the known quality of the brand name and nearly double the quantity of generic bandages. Trying to be the good steward, I went generic.

Now I’ve got twice the quantity of bandages that are 1/2 the quality of the ones I SHOULD have bought. Next time I’ll get 1/2 as many that will last twice as long. Arrrggghh. And the worst part, I knew better.

How about you? When do you go generic? When does it pay to go with the name brand? Do you see a big difference between the two?