Saturday 2:30pm
“A Revolution of Hope” with Brian McLaren

Beware of quick fixes and silver bullets.

Change is a messy and continual process. It has always been this way.
Our problem is that we expect to go through it just once or for it to end.
We’d rather have a once and for all process full of clear, easy steps.

When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robin Island, he and other political prisoners saw themselves as being on the campus of “The School Of Democracy”. After 20+ years of imprisonment, their dreams came true as Nelson became the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

We ought to see ourselves as being in “The School of the Kingdom of God”. However difficult or lengthy the process, the dreams of God are being built in us.

Jesus didn’t teach His followers easy steps, He taught them Be-Attitudes.
He embedded the Kingdom of God within them.

Beware of easy answers. But be there for sustained:
– Personal Actions. Small things we do. (ex. recycling) They won’t change the world. The acts of large corporations and entities will far outdo our meager efforts. But they will change us. We don’t HAVE TO do these things. We GET TO do them.
– Community Actions. Projects with friends. Start by getting your group thinking new thoughts together.
– Public Actions. Spirit guided movements. Taking a stand in public in ways that are really important.
– Global Actions. Global awakenings.

“Real solutions have the character of ways out. (Like when we feel stuck or trapped.) They orient themselves to walking down a way, not achieving a goal. “

“We make the way by walking it.”

Yes, there’s urgency, but there’s not urgent or hysterical pressure. The key isn’t getting there, but getting on the way.

Faith helps a bit here.

Think in terms of progress, not perfection.