How do you feel about today’s worship music (ex. Crowder, Tomlin, Hillsong United, etc.)? I mostly really like it. So do a lot of folks I know.

Of course, I have friends who would fall into the “not so much” camp. They think it all sounds alike, or seems too repetitive, or is too much about us and not enough about God. Author, activist and speaker Brian McLaren voiced some of these opinions in an open letter to worship songwriters a while back.

Guess Brian felt like it wasn’t enough just to ask for something more/different out of the artists who gift us with worship music. As a musician and songwriter, he took his own challenge to heart and with some friends wrote and produced some worship songs that run from a different vein.

We sang some of these songs at the Everything Must Change Conference this weekend. They seemed fresh to me, so I picked up the cd. The recordings are even better than the live experience. They have an organic, acoustic (guitars, mandolins, harp, viola, percussion, etc.), experimental feel (incl. electronic liturgy, a canticle and a chant).

If you have been griping about the state of today’s worship music, want to hear from some new voices, or just want something a little different to add to the worship music you already have (and like), give Songs For A Revolution of Hope a listen. You can hear full versions of each song, find lyrics and chord charts and purchase individual songs or the whole shebang if you so desire. My favorite songs on a disc always change over time, but right now I’m especially digging tracks 2, 8 & 10.

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