Our family is growing again.

NO- not that way. We’re not crazy, brave or noble enough to add another child to the mix at this point. (“Or maybe ever” -Fred)

But we did get Addy her first pet this week. She’s only been asking for one for 6 months now.

We decided to stick our toes in the water slowly (pun intended) and get her a female beta fish. This seemed a better alternative than Addy’s suggestions of elephants, zebras, dolphins, etc.

Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to something furry and cuddly. But for the time being, the low maintenance pet seems to fit our season of life the best.

As for the name, our loquacious daughter has settled on the name “fishy fish”. Makes perfect sense.

Feel free to start the pool on how long we’ll be able to keep the fish alive. I’m setting the line at a solid 3 months.