Jen and I have had the privilege of living in some pretty great cities during our adult lives. Every time we’ve moved, there have been things about our old place that we’ve missed and things about our new place that helped make up for the missing.

Although there’s plenty to like about both Lexington (our last home) and Raleigh (our new home), the weather in our new town is a bit more attractive today:

Lexington- High of 38 with rain and potential for snow and ice

Raleigh- High of 58 with the chance of a random shower

And did I mention that this will be one of our coldest days this week? Or that we were in the 60’s and 70’s last week?

If I get some time, I’ll put together a post on some of the other losses/gains in this move.

And whether you are reading this in Lexington or Raleigh (or elsewhere), know that we appreciate your friendship, support and prayers.