Last weekend four of our friends from Lexington made the trek to Raleigh to hang out with us. That sentence probably isn’t descriptive enough. Our friends left Lexington around 10pm on Friday and drove straight through to NC. They were in town less than 36 hours and had to bunk in a hotel because our apartment was full up. We savored each moment we had with them. They made us feel loved. As we said goodbye, I had this sense that my friends had done for me what that Barnabas guy in the Bible did for the folks around him.

But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that seeing our old friends head home didn’t leave us homesick. We really are loving our new church community and feel lucky that so many people have embraced us so warmly. Just last night Jen was out for the first time with a lady I knew she’d hit it off with. They went to dinner around 6:30pm and came back around midnight. Tonight she’s out to coffee with another gal who is so sweet and down to earth. Today I had lunch with a great family who has been as hospitable to me as anyone I’ve ever known. (Of course, feeding me enchiladas with tomatillo sauce is an easy way to my heart.)

Our old friends don’t leave us homesick. Our new friends aren’t “replacing” our old ones.

We truly are blessed on both sides.