Lots of my friends outside of Raleigh are kind enough to ask me how things are going with my new job and church community.

One of the questions I get asked the most often is…Do you have an office?

The answer to the question the way it is being asked is no. We don’t have dedicated office space @ Connections. As a result, I’m free to work wherever I wish. So far, I’m kind of bouncing around between Bruegger’s Bagels (my usual morning hang- big thanks to Nick the manager & the rest of the crew who treat me so kindly), Panera, Caribou Coffee & Bear Rock Cafe. Bottom line is I’ll work pretty much anywhere there has a decent free wi-fi connection and a good atmosphere.

I’m getting the chance to meet people (like Dave- who I run into a few times a week- always in a different spot) and absorb the local vibe. So far, I’ve learned a couple of tricks to make the mobile office thing a bit easier:

1. In ear headphones- the kind that block out noise- are a must.
2. Grab a seat near an outlet- the battery life indicator on your laptop is overestimating.
3. If you are on your mobile phone and people are staring at you, you are talking too loud. (Who me?)
4. Know what to take with you when you hit the restroom. My iphone and laptop go with me. Everything else stays on the table.

This afternoon, I won’t be found at any of my usual haunts. I’m on the apartment patio, enjoying the blue skies and warm weather.

Ok- back to work.