Yesterday we turned in a vehicle that we’ve been leasing for the past three years. Start to finish it was a great experience. In fact, we all got a bit teary as we said goodbye to the car that had carried our family safely so many times.

Knowing that our turn in deadline was approaching, we went out and got a replacement vehicle last week. Here’s a pic:

Yes, we got a van. A Honda Odyssey to be exact.
The first two friends I mentioned this to gave me same reaction:

“Oh you finally caved and got a van, huh? Welcome to soccer-mom-world.”

Honestly, there was a touch of either condescension or pity in their tone of voice. I was a bit irritated.

Then it hit me- they think we’re conforming. I think we’re rebelling.

When we leased our last vehicle, vans were the norm for young families. My wife chose an SUV then precisely because she didn’t want to live the stereotype. (And because someone with one small child doesn’t really need a van.)

Based solely on my own keen powers of observation, I’d say the tides have turned. Most young moms bemoan the van and choose…..the SUV. Ergo…the SUV is now the new soccer mom vehicle. For what it is worth, I think Honda’s research may agree with this. The theme of the Odyssey’s brochure is “The Van Is Back”. They know that vans are no longer the go-to family vehicle.

Which leads me to how much I love my wife. This go round she once again had the choice of a van or suv. Why did she choose the van? Because it was more practical for her with 2 young kids, and we want to be able to haul our friends and family around with us without rearranging our car seats every time.

The SUV was the “I’m better than that other thing (van)” statement in some folk’s minds. Jen chose what worked for her- even though many of her peers are making the opposite choice.

Sounds like rebellion to me.

In a van of all places.

Who knew?