If our culture has a favorite word, it might be the word: MORE.

More food, more money, more square footage, more cup holders, more channels, more memory, more features. Yes, I’ll take them all please!

More isn’t always a bad thing, but lately I’ve found myself missing the word “enough”.    Most of the time I only say “enough” because I can’t afford or justify more.  Whatever happened to my ability to be content with some, but not all that I could have?  And should we even begin an honest discussion on wants vs. needs?

Why am I asking these questions?  Because I am (hopefully appropriately) alarmed by Jesus’ assertion that money and stuff are constantly competing with God for my soul- and that only one of the two can really win.

So, I’m trying to build the practice of “enough” into my life as a safety valve.  Just because I can afford something doesn’t mean I have to.  One small example in my personal life is my computer bag.  When I got a new computer last fall, I quickly started searching for a new bag to go with it.  You know- to protect the investment.  And to make me look hip- and not too businessy or geeky.  (Which I realize is a lot to ask from a computer bag.) I narrowed the options and was about to order my first choice when I stopped to pack for a trip.  There inside my suitcase was an old, tired messenger bag.  I took this as more than a coincidence.  Here was an opportunity to say “enough”.  I could afford a new bag and justify it.  But I didn’t have to have it.   One neoprene laptop sleeve and 5 months later, my computer is doing fine.  My hip factor is unchanged.  But my soul feels the tiniest bit freer.

“Enough” is growing on me.  A couple of weeks ago we bought a car.  After we settled on the model we wanted, we had to decide on the trim level.  Although we planned on buying the base version (which has almost every option you could have added to a car 10 years ago), I found myself wondering if we “needed” to move up a trim level or two.  More was raising it’s ugly head- and I was cooperating.  Then my wife stepped in.  She said “enough” and we went home with the base model.  Since this was her vehicle, I’m glad she made the call.  As her husband, I want to provide her with more.  Maybe “enough”- and the blessings it brings- is more important sometimes.

So, how about you?

Ever notice the constant pull of “more” in your life?

What- if anything- do you do with that?

Do you intentionally use the practice of “enough”?  If so, when/how?

Use the comments feature and share your perspective.