Do what we did. Box your child up in a glass table.

With reduced feeding a little luck you can retard your child’s physical development and keep them cuddly longer.

Ok, maybe not, but watching Colston (almost 11 mos) explore lately has reminded Jen and me that he’s quickly scooting out of the infant stage and towards toddlerhood. He’s much more curious than our first child (Addy) and seems most interested in what he isn’t supposed to have.

Usually Jen and I are able to watch our children’s tendencies and assign credit or blame to one of us. In this case, we’re having to travel down the family tree a bit. Although I’m sure Jen and I gave our folks plenty of fits, we were actually the more compliant kids in our households. Looks like Colston- whose middle name (Matthew) is in honor of both of his uncles- got some of their rascality too.

And we couldn’t be happier about it.

(*Note: All stunts in this post were performed by a resilient baby under the close supervision of his over-protective and more experienced older sister. Adults should NOT attmept to crawl through end tables. Seriously. You aren’t as small as you used to be. Attempting this maneuver as a grown person will just get you stuck in the table. Save yourself the humiliation.)