Sorry I hadn’t posted in a few days. While the blog was silent, we had a couple of nice events in the Turner household.

1. Colston turned 11 months old today.

He isn’t walking yet, but took his first lunge on two legs the other night. Colston’s a much pickier eater than Addy was at this age. He is pretty skeptical of whatever you give him- always making a “that’s disgusting” face on the first bite of everything. So far, he’s a big fan of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and most fruit. He also ate a few bites of a chicken nugget for the first time yesterday.

2. We made our first visit to a park since we moved to Raleigh.
It’s around the corner from our house and has lots of things to jump, climb, swing and slide on.

And Pending:
We’re making our first trek to the Carolina coast this weekend with some friends. Will update you when we get back.