Last week we decided that we needed to get back in the house hunt, so we hooked up with a local realtor and went to see a listing that we’d had our eye on for the last month or so. The home already had an offer pending, but we decided to stop by anyway.

That night we submitted an offer. The next day we had a contract to purchase it. Our closing date is set for March 28th.

HUH? We still can’t believe things have gone so quickly and smoothly.

The home was built the same year that Jen was born (1976) and has had only one owner. Ms. Esser is 87 and (according to her grown daughter) suffers from a bit of OCD. The benefit to us is that she has maintained the house with a vengeance. Our home inspection this am revealed nothing significant.

While the inspector worked, I was able to snap a few pictures. We love the neighborhood, big lot (.4 acres) and tons of trees in the yard.

Although this isn’t the biggest home we’ve looked at (just under 1800sq ft), it uses the space well. And we’re excited to be done with stairs since this is a single story. The inside is in move in condition- IF you’ve got a serious 70’s fetish. So we’ll stay in the apartment an extra month so that we can do some updating.

We’ll keep you up to date as we close and renovate.

Thanks again to all who have played a part in this- both our real estate professionals (Sarah, Matt & Sheila) and our incredible crew of friends and family who have prayed so faithfully for us.