As a snack, I have great love for popped corn.

But as a ceiling cover. Eeechh.

Jen and I had already determined to rid our new abode of it’s 32 year old textured mess.

Then we found out that our popcorn was composed of 5% asbestos (as were most ceilings put up prior to 1978). Needless to say, that only sealed the deal.

So after 3 days of taping plastic over every wall, floor, nook and cranny…

…we finally geared up and got to scraping.

Two days, many sore muscles we didn’t even know we had and a few serious profanities later- all the corn is gone. (As for the profanities, they were ok because they were the appropriate and correct words to describe the emotions at the moment. Kind of like when you give an elementary kid the green light to say “ass” to describe a donkey.)

Yes, it was a hassle and a mess to do it ourselves. But wanting to build sweat equity and a willingness to try new things- along with a $9000 estimate to have a pro do it- swayed us to tackle it.

Now the painting begins. Will post pics of the finished product later.