So, we’ve finally gotten all of the popcorn ceilings down (or so we thought- see more below) and they’ve been given fresh coats of primer and paint. The results aren’t 100% perfect, but definitely passable. Who stares at the ceilings anyway? As Judy says, the small imperfections give it character and play on the age of the home. Here’s a shot of the hall ceiling with new fixtures- and walls that have been de-wallpapered and are waiting for a skim coat before painting.

So, we’re moving on to other renovations- like creating some visibility between the kitchen and the family room. Aside from all of the cosmetic stuff, opening up the kitchen was Jen’s #1 remodeling priority.

Our contractor, who seems like a gift from God so far, started some demo and peeking behind the drywall today. This is from the kitchen side. If you look hard enough you can see the bottom of the family room fireplace through the mini-opening.

It seems like surprises are inevitable during home remodels. Some will be in your favor. Others won’t. Today we got one of the latter. As our contractor removed a section of cabinets that were occupying Jen’s future view of the kids in the family room, we discovered…..

…more popcorn! At least it is a small patch and shouldn’t be a huge deal to get rid of. Note the difference in color between the new, smooth painted ceiling at the top of the picture and the old crap underneath with the vent hood tubing in it.

So, all we have left is painting every room in the house, installing flooring everywhere but the bathrooms and moving in. Deadline is 13 days and counting.