Sorry for the lapse in activity here. Been busy making the move from the apartment to the house in Raleigh. We’re finally in, but far from unpacked. And we LOVE our new place. But more on that later.

Last night I got a reminder that despite all of the transition in our lives, some things don’t change. Like my daughter’s ability to make me laugh by simply stating the obvious truth. We were sitting in our new living room (which now has a floor, but still lacks new paint, curtains, pics on the wall and finishing trim- see bad pic below) watching tv.

Addy was due to go to bed in about 10 minutes. (We put her down between 8:30-9pm every evening. She’s usually still awake when we turn in between 11-12pm.) The show we were watching went to commercial. I started sorting through a stack of mail, only vaguely aware of the Ambien CR sleep-aid pitch droning in the background. After it finished, Addy turned, caught my eye and said,

“Dad, I have trouble going to sleep at night.”

So there you have it.
My daughter IS paying attention to all the commercials on tv.
She wants drugs.
AND she is adorable.

I’ll keep the last one and try to do something about the first two.
After we get unpacked of course.