We’ve been in the house full-time now for almost a week and the pace of home improvement has slowed considerably. My guess is that we worked so hard for so long just to get in, that we’ve gone into recovery mode.

We still don’t have cable yet (that should happen on Thursday), but we’ve discovered that we can get about 10 channels with a good old fashioned set of rabbit ears. Know what 10 channels have in common with the 200 that cable offers? There’s not anything you want to watch on them either.

Well, at least we’ll be back on the internet at home on Thursday….

In the meantime, we finally unpacked the Wii we got back in March and have been playing in the evenings. Last night Jen and Judy went one on one in about every game we own. I’d have taken pictures, but feared they might chuck one of the remotes at me. And they both have a pretty mean forehand in the tennis game.

My guess is that we’ll get back to work in the next few days and I’ll have more to show you then.