Our house continues to live in the land of 1/2 finished. One of the many evidences of this is the fact that many of our doors don’t have doorknobs on them. We’ve got the new hardware, but are waiting to install it until we get both coats of new paint up on the doors. If you’ve ever painted a 6 paneled door, you can appreciate how time consuming this can be.

So, suffice it to say that I’ve gotten used to closing doors by grabbing the edge, giving it a gentle pull- and then yanking my hand out of the way. This was proving to be a fine strategy- until lunchtime on Tuesday- when I failed to clear my digits in a timely fashion of the slab of wood swinging towards them.

The result was both painful and a bit gross.

Now I’ve got a bruise rainbow on my finger, with the green band extending below the cuticle and into my skin. (Told you it was gross.)

The worst part? This door actually HAS a doorknob on it.

Next time I’ll use it.