For about four years now, Jen and I have been fans of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting. We got hooked with the UFC’s first Ultimate Fighter reality show. Getting to see these athletes as real (and often very intelligent) people gave us a chance to learn the sport and see it for more than the violent, bloody spectacle it is often assumed to be (and sometimes is).

If you’ve been thinking about catching some MMA or taking a look at the sport for yourself, you’re in luck. The VS (versus) channel is broadcasting a night of free MMA fights at 9pm on Sunday, June 1st. The featured bout on the card pits the #1 ranked featherweight (145lbs) and WEC champion Urijah Faber against a legend in the sport- Jens Pulver. These world class fighters are both fairly compelling. Watch them talk about their training HERE.

Faber, “The California Kid”, is a great looking, likable guy. He’s also an incredible physical specimen who fights at a frenetic pace and seems to invent new moves in every fight. Pulver, “Little Evil”, is a former UFC Champion at 155lbs, is undefeated at 145lbs and has been fighting for his survival since he was 5.

So, this is probably more info than you wanted already. Short story- watch this fight. Should be great.