Thought I’d catch you up a bit on what’s happening with Colston:

  • He’s 14 months old today. In one sense he looks so big. In another, he’s still our baby boy.
  • Walking is now his preferred mode of self-transportation. But being carried by an adult ranks higher overall.
  • Colston likes me (Fred) better than Addy did at this age. He comes running and grunting when I walk in the door.
  • He is a big, but finicky eater. He’s got a healthy appetite, but one day will devour something and refuse it the next. At this point he’s starting to want whatever we’re eating and seems to like more flavorful foods.
  • The boy isn’t NEARLY the talker that his sister is. But then neither are 98% of the people occupying the planet.
  • Colston is more interested in household items than baby toys. Yes, that’s the remote he’s toting around in these pics. He’s also fond of getting into the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. (No worries, the cleaners and meds are elsewhere.)
  • Most of the time, he’s sweet and cuddly. If you are holding Colston and he wants his back rubbed or patted, he’ll start rubbing or patting yours.
  • He’s got a killer smile, complete with dimples, the nose squinch an the occasional single eyebrow raise. Watch out ladies!
  • Colston LOVES his Little Tykes car. He waves at it whenever he walks into the garage. This is an improvement. We used to have to keep it covered because if he saw it he would throw a fit until we put him in it.
  • He’s a boy- which means he likes to bang on stuff.

Colston brings a lot of joy to our family. As does his sister. We’ll give Addy some equal time in the near future.