You know that old saying that “It’s great to have a friend that owns a __________.” Usually that blank gets filled in with words like “truck”, “boat”, “big screen tv w/the NFL package”, or “vacation home”. Yesterday we found a new noun to complete that phrase- “giant inflatable waterpark”.

The Bazer’s are some of the most generous and hospitable folks that Jen and I know. They are constantly looking for opportunities to share what they have been given with others. That includes their inflatable waterpark- which consists of 2 different slides and a pool. With Monday’s playgroup facing temperatures creeping towards triple digits, they decided to blow it up and let the kids get wet-n-wild.

In theory, Addy couldn’t wait to tackle the water slide. In praxis, she isn’t much of a daredevil.

But after a few runs, she found her groove and had a blast:

Kind of makes you want to grab your suit, huh?

Thanks to Shane, Tomra, Ashton & Ireland for the fun. Gracias to Anissa for her fine camera work.