Today is Addy’s 4th birthday. Her major present this year is a swing set. She loves to go to the park, but it is easy to talk ourselves out of putting both kids in the car to make it happen. Not to mention that we’ve got some rare breed of mosquitoes in Cary that are very active in the daytime and crave the blood of children. Plus- there’s the fact that most public parks don’t have bathrooms. Anyway, now Addy will be able to swing, slide and climb to her heart’s content.

Jen found the set in stock at Wal-Mart (a rarity) and she and her dad (Howard) wrestled it home and couldn’t wait to tear open the boxes and get to building. About 8 hours of labor, 483 pieces of wood, 3648 screws and fasteners, 1 trip to Lowe’s, 1 drill recharge and a brief rain shower later- it’s done. Howard and Jen did a great job- and I think actually enjoyed the work and the time together. Hope Addy enjoys this gift from her mom and dad and both sets of grandparents.