For the last couple of weeks we’ve been waiting for our new niece to be born “at any minute”. (Imagine how her poor mother felt!) Finally on Sunday we got “the call” and Jen and Addy commandeered my Kia and blazed towards Nashville to welcome Isley Balm into the family and onto the planet.

Which meant that Colston & Daddy stayed behind, held down the homestead, bonded- and tried and survive until Mommy got back. All in all we spent 4 days and 3 nights together.

Hanging with the boy on my own for an extended period of time was actually easier than I expected it to be. It was nice to be able to give Colston so much attention and to catch up with how he is changing and growing. We wrestled, cuddled, read books and chased. We played on the swingset and I bathed Colston for the first time. Yes, you read that right. To this point Jen has been in charge of Colston’s grooming and I’ve taken care of Addy. I got to witness Colston’s propensity to throw a fit and rain down a few tears if you deny him something that his little brain is fixated on. I also learned that dinner is MUCH quieter with just the guys. Not only are Jen and I not trying to have a conversation with Addyson interrupting, but Colston isn’t grunting and whining for every next bite.

The girls came home last night and of course we’re glad to have them back where they belong. But us guys might just need some more time together in the future.