Last week Jen and I made the trek back to Lexington to be a part of a wedding. Not only had I committed to help officiate the ceremony well over a year ago, but the groom and bride are both incredible people and good friends. We made the trip kidless thanks to the generosity and grandparently courage of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Balm. Medals of childwatching valor to you both!

All in all it was a great trip. Yes, we missed the kids and did spend two full days of the four day excursion driving in the car. But we got to see some friends, be a part of an incredibly sweet wedding and have lots of uninterrupted adult conversation- a rarity in our house. We’re especially grateful to Chris & Cherlynn Stevenson for their hospitality and the free run of the house.

I’ve made similar trips before- heading back to a place and people that I’ve loved and served in the past- and have often felt a little awkward because everyone (me included) has moved on and things just aren’t the same. This visit was pleasantly different. Yes, things have progressed without us and people have changed. But we were welcomed with open arms. And while it was great to be back in KY and reconnect with a bunch of folks we love, we also found ourselves excited to get back home to NC and hang with the new people God has brought into our lives. Talk about a win-win.