There are many, many things that I love and appreciate about my wife. Somewhere on that lengthy list is this:

“Jen is a great shopper. She loves to get a deal and HATES to pay full price.”

Take this little combo for example:

When we set up camp in our new family room Jen told me that we’d need a sofa table and some “real” lamps to put on it. Given that most of our lamps came from Target and cost less than $20, I understood. the need for something more substantial. However, I wondered what these essential pieces of serenity and relaxation would cost us.

The table came to us courtesy of Craigslist and a $20 spot.

The lamps were picked off of the clearance rack at Pier 1 last night for $49 each. They originally retailed for $125.00 each.

Total cost for one sofa table and 2 grown up lamps: $127 tax included.

My wife is thrifty- and awesome!