No, not me. I’m talking about the innocent looking girl next to me. Yes, I’m serious. Although she often looks like an angel, as an older sister, she has the innate ability to torment her younger brother.

Example: Today I met the family at Chick-Fil-A at lunch. Usually I avoid that joint like the plague at lunchtime because there are about 1000 people crammed into a building made for 100. However, since today was the first day of school, the restaurant was only half full. Hooray for education!

Anyway, as we’re finishing our food, Addy exercises her option to trade the toy from her meal for an ice cream cone. Knowing full well that Colston will want some, Jen had the foresight to ask for an empty bowl and gave him some of Addy’s soft serve.

For the first few minutes Addy and Colston ate at about the same rate. But as Addy noticed Colston’s ice cream disappearing, she went into slow motion- averaging one lick about every 30 seconds. Why? To torment her brother and flaunt her frozen bliss right in front of his eyes.

Finally we’d had enough of him fussing, packed up and declared that Addy had to finish her cone by the time we got to the car. When we fastened her into her car seat she still had about 4 normal sized bites left. Not wanting her mom to finish or throw away her dessert, Addy put the whole thing in her mouth and somehow got it down.

In some strange way, I was kind of proud.