As you’ve probably heard, we’ve still got a bit of work to do on our home. Jen’s stated goal is to have all renovations completed is Christmas ’08. While that sounds far off, we’re aware that the year has sped by already. So, we decided to tackle a project or two on this holiday weekend.

For the past 4 months our dining room has been a paint and flooring storage area w/blockades set up to keep the small people in our house out of it. We bought a new dining room table (surprise- on Criagslist) two weeks ago and thought we could put it to use if we actually had a usable space to put it in.

So we got up this morning determined not to sleep again until we had laid about 140 sq feet of cork flooring. 9 hours later- with some help from God on the weather and child watching by Howard & Judy- we’re finished.

Here’s the dining room as of this am:
(And that’s after about an hour of cleaning!)

Here’s what it looks like tonight:

We’re feeling handy and ready for some sleep!