The next few months will find Americans have important, passionate conversations as we head towards choosing a president in November. Today Jen and I revived an ongoing discussion about a topic that impacts many Americans: Pop-Tarts.

It’s been forever since we’ve had them in the house, but Jen picked up a box the last time she was at the store. “Did you get the frosted kind?”, I asked. No, she replied, “Those are gross.” “Gross?”, I retorted, “Without the frosting they’re barely worth eating!”

You see, like McCain and Obama, there are clear differences of opinion that differentiate my wife and me. I believe in frosted pop-tarts. She puts her faith in the naked variety.

Maybe you all can help us settle this:

Are you a frosted or un-frosted kind of person?

Which flavor of Pop-Tarts are your favorite?

Use the comments feature and bring peace to our household.