A couple weeks back we put Colston on his little potty- just for fun. When he got up there was a nice puddle of tinkle. Surprise and cheering soon followed.

Ever since we’ve been putting him on the potty whenever we change a diaper. Tonight I (Fred) was in charge of his before bed prep. I put him on the potty and could tell he was doing a bit more than #1. (The grunting was the clue.)

I peeked and found…..a little bit of poop in the potty! Naturally I called Jen in to celebrate.

There was much rejoicing. (If you don’t understand this, go buy me a few boxes of daipers- Pampers size 4- and you’ll get the enthusiasm over a toddler using the toilet.)

Colston sat a few minutes more and when he got up there was a good bit of poop in the potty.

We cheered.

Then he smiled and backed his bottom right into our white, terry cloth shower curtain.