So for the first time in nearly a decade I (Fred) found myself asleep at 5am on the day after Thanksgiving.

You see, I’ve been out at that ungodly hour every Black Friday for nearly a decade. But not today.

Why have I been such a long-running, willing participant in the unbridled consumerism? Mostly because I’ve enjoyed the spectacle of it all. You never know what you’ll see on Black Friday- but chances are you’ll see something good. Of course, grabbing a great deal never hurt either.

So why did I skip today? To make a statement about all of the commercialism? No- although I agree things are out of control. Because of fears about where the economy is headed? Maybe a little.

Mostly I didn’t go out today because we don’t need anything. And at the moment I’m on a “Don’t buy anything you don’t need” kick.

And we’re going to have a lower key Christmas this year.

And I figured I could use the sleep. Which felt great by the way.

So how about you. Did you shop today?

If so, did you see any interesting? Get any great deals?

If not, why not?