img_08104If you’ve followed our blog or lives for any time now you know that we bought a house back in April. It was built in 1976, had but one previous owner and came complete with a great neighborhood, easy living layout, yard with big trees, and a VERY dated interior.

So for the past 8 months we’ve been chipping away at the renovations. Back in the spring we took up the shag carpet in the hallway but ran out of gas and didn’t install the new cork flooring that we’d ordered.

My resourceful mother-in-law taped down a few moving pads so that the kids wouldn’t have to walk, crawl and play on the sub-floor. And that’s how the hallway has stayed. Until Saturday.

We were planning on cutting apart our kitchen cabinets (Jen’s idea), but our handy friend who was going to help us wasn’t able to come. So instead of destroying our kitchen, we set our sights on the hall floor. We left the kids with the grandparents and Jen and I got ready to lay the 28 boards needed to finish this long overdue project. We started around 10:30 and I thought we’d be done by dinner time.

Yeah, right.

goodwillhuntingmath2Laying click together flooring isn’t very hard at all- IF you don’t have to cut it. Unfortunately, our 21ft long hallway has 7 doorways. Each required 4 cuts to each door jam so that the flooring could slide underneath and look finished. Then there were the hours of measuring to accommodate every jig and jog. My cut diagrams looked like the blackboards at MIT after Will Hunting got done with them.  On top of that, the hall is only 3 feet wide.  That’s not alot of room for two grown people to work side by side and swing a rubber mallet.  And you don’t even want to know exactly how we got the last row squeezed in there.  Let’s just say that 200 years ago we’d have been burned as witches because it took some serious floor laying magic.

All in all it took us 13 hours to finish one hallway.  Both of us have hobbled around- trading complaints about our aches and pains- for the past couple of days.  But at least we have flooring instead of moving blankets.

Here’s the final result:


It may not look like much, but then again you should have seen the moving blankets.

After we can walk upright again we’ll start thinking about the next project.