Q: How was your fantasy football season Fred?

Great- thanks for asking fictitious blog fan!

This year I consolidated all of my teams into Facebook so I could keep track of them at the same time.  Here are my results.  Note the “Rank” column:


As you can see, I won the championship in 2 of my 3 leagues and finished 2nd in the other.  I also won the scoring title (most points) in all 3 leagues.  More interestingly, I didn’t have all the same players on every one of my teams.  Although there was a little overlap, I had 3 distinct groups of guys who all managed to perform well enough to keep me winning.

So, thanks to all of the millionaire athletes who served as my athletic minions this year.

Now go sit on a beach somewhere and get ready for next season.

Once you’ve tasted victory, you’ll settle for nothing less!