We love serving and living life with our church community in Raleigh.  When we arrived it was clear that one of our greatest challenges was going to be finding more meeting space.  While we loved the intimacy of our strip mall bays, they weren’t large enough to allow us grow and multiply so that we could reach a critical mass.  After a couple of years of praying and searching for a larger space that would allow us to grow numerically and move towards our vision of hosting a center for the community at large to use- God provided.


After months of designing, permitting and bidding- we’ve finally begun renovations.  If everything stays on schedule we should be moving to our new space some time in March.  We’ll have 13,000 square feet in a area with more visibility, higher traffic and a diverse number of people groups and needs.  We couldn’t be more excited.

If you’d like to see more pics and keep up with our progress, check out our RENOVATIONS BLOG.

And if you are willing to pray for us, here are some things to ask God for:

  • That we’ll stay on schedule.
  • That our workers will stay safe.
  • That we’ll have a smooth inspection process.
  • That God will prepare us for all of the new opportunities this space will bring to love and serve people.
  • That God will be preparing new folks who will get involved with our faith community after we move to this space.