I’ve mentioned a couple of times before that my wife prowls craigslist most evenings ferreting out bargains.  On average she’ll find at least one or two things that she’ll send me a link to.  If I agree that the item has potential, one of us will send the owner the “do you still have this?” email.

Last night we checked on two listings.  One was gone.  The other was available.  This am the seller called me with directions to his house and to let me know that hundreds of other people would be showing up at his place minutes before I would to buy it out from under me.

So I hopped in the car, drove like a man possessed and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I didn’t see a line of cars outside of the seller’s house.

After giving the item the once over, and finding it in great condition, I relinquished the cash and took home my prize:



Meet our iJoy massage chair.  Retails for $600.  Acquired for $100.  Choose from upper, lower or full back massages with rolling, kneading, compresion or concussive settings.


If you call and it sounds like my voice is warbling, you’ll know where I’m sitting.