eye-magnifying-glass…of “I Spy” tonight.

We were grabbing a bite at Barry’s Cafe– one of our standby local joints.

There’s a general rule that when you are waiting on food with small children, time will pass at 1/10th of the normal speed and your children will be 7.8x more impatient than usual.

Now I’m not a math whiz, but I can tell you that those numbers = parents doing whatever they can to keep their kids entertained.

This is where Barry’s gives parents a helping hand.  Barry (the owner) has a heart for emergency service personnel.  In addition to offering them discounts and donating plenty of food in that direction, Barry’s walls are PLASTERED with everything firefighter- hats, coats, signs, posters, badges, patches, hoses, axes, etc.

For a parent who needs to employ the “I Spy” delay tactic, Barry’s decor is a gift.

Tonight Addy and I played several rounds.  We both chose and guessed various colors on multiple objects all round the room.

And then I announced, “I spy something blue”.

At this point for some reason Jen jumped in and decided to play too.  She and Addy cycled through various guesses.  I helped them rule out whole categories (it isn’t on anyone’s clothes….it isn’t on any of the signs or badges….etc.).  I gave them hints about geography.  About size.

And I still stumped them.

Despite declarations by both mother and daughter that, “We never surrender!”, they finally caved and asked me to tell them what they couldn’t guess.

Often people win “I Spy” by choosing some minuscule item that isn’t easily spotted.  I went the other way.

What did I see that was blue?

The floor.

I won.

And the food arrived.

What could be better than that?