This past Sunday we had a few snow flurries and some people in our church community showed up talking about how it was “coming down out there”.

Our church also has plenty of folks who have relocated from points north.  They replied that the weather outside was like “a nice summer day up north”.

I stood next to someone who rooted for more snow.  I said something like “heaven forbid”.

Guess I lost.


Last night we got about 4 inches of snow- the light, fluffy kind.  This is the first significant snowfall in the Raleigh area in that since 2005.  After lunch we bundled up the kids and took them out to play.


Addy’s snow angel in the making.


Showing off the finished product.


Colston dove right in.


Jen takes a shot at me with a snowball. (You can see it in flight between 11 & 12 o’clock.)



The latest forecast says that we’re supposed to be in the mid 50’s by the end of the week.

Enjoy it while it lasts.