Jen also gave in to the “25 Random Things About Me” Facebook thing.  Here’s what she had to say:

1. I met Fred while I was in High School but didn’t really start dating him until I had graduated. I them broke up with him so I could go away to college unattached. It only lasted until November. I don’t regret any of that.

2. I am not a morning person… even if I am excited about something I still have a hard time getting up. But I am a night person!

3. I have always showered at night and I love it.

4. I was robbed my freshman year of college at a Wendy’s. I was traumatized and it was a big fat hassle for my family.

5. I never went to prom.

6. I have always played sports. Soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, gymnastics, I can water ski and snow ski.

7. I enjoy watching football and Nascar (it was a father/daughter bonding thing). I also like several reality shows.

8. I went to 2 World cup soccer matches in Orlando in 1994 as a graduation gift from my soccer coach (who by the way wanted to date me… freak). It was lots of fun but soccer fans are almost scary!

9. I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I graduated High School. It was right next door to my maternal grandparents. I never knew my paternal grandparents.

10. I have never had a cavity but worn braces twice and had my wisdom teeth removed. Oh, and I also had that little piece of skin inside my top lip cut out.

11. I have a really small family. I only have 2 cousins and neither of them have kids.

12. I spent 3-4 weeks every summer growing up on Lake Joseph in Muskoka Canada. I miss that place dearly and have the best memories from there.

13. Since graduating college my memory has crapped out. I can’t remember anything… names, dates, ect.

14 I was induced with Addyson and had an epidural but did it all natural with Colston. One wasn’t any better than the other but I am glad to have had both experiences.

15. I have been to base camp at Mt. Denali in Alaska.

16. I hated high school but loved my youth group!

17. I don’t really enjoy flying but do love to drive. Fred and I spent a month on a cross country camping trip at a lot of national parks. Started in Florida and ended in California. I would do that again in a minute.

18. I don’t remember what I did before kids and I don’t care. I love them and can’t imagine life without them. Of course I think they are the greatest!!

19. I never wanted to marry a pastor. I didn’t go to bible college for that reason… I think that makes God smile.

20. I never carried a cell phone until this past year. That would explain why I hardly ever have it with me and why the battery dies a lot.

21. I don’t carry a purse. Never have but probably will someday.

22. I never drank alcohol until I was 21. Thought I would go straight to hell haha. I still don’t drink much.

23. I LOVE that my parents live close and that my kids know and love their grandparents.

24. I have had 2 ankle surgeries and 1 knee surgery. I hope to never have surgery again.

25. I am over the home renovation… but still have lots to do.