n20501502_31828045_18841…my friend Jared.

Four months ago he was just a newlywed in his mid 20’s with a bad headache.

Tomorrow he’s having surgery to remove a tumor that is sitting on the part of his brain that controls speech and language.

Jared and his wife Janet believe that God is with them in all of this.

After all, they had no intentions of ever moving to Raleigh- but they did.  Which means that they are just 1/2 an hour away from one of the best hospitals in the country when it comes to dealing with brain tumors.  (Jared’s surgeon treated Ted Kennedy  last year.)

And they never intended to become a part of a smallish church community like Connections.  But they did- and got to know Paul- a guy who’s also had a similar brain surgery with the same world class surgeon that is working on Jared tomorrow.

Some would call of these things happy coincidences.  Jared and Janet know better.

So if you’ve got a couple of minutes on Monday, ask God to continue to watch over and take care of my buddy Jared.