jared Thanks to all who took some time to pray for my friend Jared yesterday.  I got a bit teary as many of you let me know that you were indeed praying.  Since you got so invested I thought I’d give you an update.

Jared’s surgery went very well.  It lasted a little over 5 hours from start to finish and the surgeon described it as “boring”- which meant that there were no surprises and everything went as expected.  They eneded up getting the best results they could hope for, which certainly is an answer to a bunch of prayers.

I got to see Jared for a couple of minutes in the ICU about an hour after the surgery.  He had a raging headache from the procedure and the compression bandage that was wrapped around his head.  However, he was in good spirits otherwise and was mentally sharp.  At one point he was doing conversions from military to civilian time and cracking jokes, so he doesn’t appear to have lost anything- other than the tumor they removed.

I just heard from Jared’s wife (Janet) this morning that he is doing really well- they’ve unplugged all of his IV’s and he’s passed all the tests to leave the ICU and should be in a regular room by lunchtime.  He’s even walking around a bit and has used the bathroom on his own.

They expect Jared to be in the hospital for 2-3 more days.  Full recovery is expected to take about 6 weeks.   In addition to the recovery process, they are still waiting on final biopsy results to confirm the good news they got yesterday.  The docs say that should take 4-5 business days.  If you are willing, please continue to remember Jared and Janet in this time.

And if you’d like to cut out the middle man (me) and get updates from Janet or pass on your well wishes directly, you can check out the website they’ve set up for that purpose HERE.

Thanks again guys!