827b87611ed6f8c53a2a7fThis morning Jared and Janet got the final biopsy results on the tumor Jared had removed and it was good news!  His tumor is considered benign and no further actions need to be taken now other than regular monitoring scans.

Here’s Janet’s post from their Caring Bridge Site:

It may be Friday the 13th but God sent cupid with an arrow a day early.

Jared managed to take a shower today (which is pretty awesome anyway), and just as he was drying off we received a phone call from the Brain Tumor Center to tell us the final pathology results from Jared’s surgery. The news was the best we could’ve hoped for!

Jared’s tumor (classified as an oligo astrocytoma) has been diagnosed as a low grade primary brain tumor. It is a Grade 2 and is considered benign. This means that there is no need for chemotherapy or any additional procedures. The tumor is extremely slow growing and Jared will just have to be monitored from now on. He will have MRI’s every few months for the first year and they will then become less frequent the following years(every 4-5 months, etc). He will continued to be monitored through these MRI’s with Duke Oncology. If it grows even a millimeter over the many years to come he will have another form of surgery or a mild for of treatment. We obviously pray that this is never something we have to face but know that if we do, God is obviously with us 100%

This has been such a journey but we have had God’s love and embrace with us throughout it all. It has been a mountain but how wonderful it is to stand at the top and witness the view.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!!!

All our love,

Janet and Jared

Thanks for supporting the Hadens with your prayers.  It’s been so exciting to watch God work in all of this as people have prayed.