One of the things you do when you have young kids is celebrate holidays that you might not otherwise.

Like St. Patrick’s Day for example.

The day started with a green foods party at Addy’s preschool.  With the aid of a dash of food coloring, we contributed Rice Krispy treats with an emerald hue.

For dinner we popped into Chick-Fil-A.  Unbeknown to us it was “Family Night” and they were having their own St. Patty’s shindig.  The kids got shamrock flocked hats, decorated iced cookies with green sprinkles, applied a shamrock tattoo and met the Chick-Fil-A cow.


Colston was afraid of the cow, but managed to compose himself for this shot.  Can’t blame him, I was a bit creeped out too.

But the really big deal happened today.  Addy was prowling around our back yard and bounded in with this:


Yep- that’s a natural 4 leaf clover.

Addy told Jen it would bring our family good luck.

Lets hope so.