img_01732In January of 2008 our church community started looking at an old health club building that was for sale.  Although it was in pretty horrible shape, and needed lots of upgrades to meet current codes- we liked the location and the idea of reclaiming something that had been tossed aside.  Plus, many of us said that the space just felt like a fit for our community.

However, in February of 2008 we decided that we couldn’t afford to both buy the property and renovate it, so we passed.

Last summer some friends of our church community called to say that they were considering purchasing the building we had looked at.  They were willing to rent it to us at a reasonable rate and to split the renovation costs with us.

In August, with a lease in hand, we hired our architects and expected to start renovations and be in before Christmas.  Then reality set it.  After months of designing to navigate the new codes and trying to select the right contractor, we finally began renovations in December.

img_06161On Friday we received a temporary certificate of occupancy.  Coincidentally (?), that afternoon we also got a call saying that we couldn’t use our usual Sunday am rental space.  So on Saturday about 40 folks from our community came together to do some last minute moving, scrubbing and prepping to make our new space liveable for our Sunday gathering.

There was a great energy in the air on Sunday morning.  We had a record total of 191 folks of all ages.  More than a building, we celebrated the end of one phase of our journey and the beginning of a whole new era.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about the space- some pics from our first day, transformation shots, maybe even some info about how we’re hoping to share the space with our neighbors.  Until then, you can read about our journey our renovation blog HERE.

For now, suffice it to say that we’re grateful to be in.  Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement in these last months!