“What does it mean to have written beautiful words about suffering. Nothing! Nothing! One must experience it to know what such effusions are worth.”            – Saint Therese of Lisieux


nailed-to-cross-bw1Opening Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ,
take me along that holy way
u once took to your death,
Take my mind, my memory,
above all my reluctant heart,
and let me see what once you did
for love of me and all the world.

Scripture Reading:

John 19:18-22

For Reflection:

What would it feel like to be nailed to the cross?

handnailedtocross1I think the anticipation would have undone me.  I’m a mess the night before a basic blood draw.

Unexpected injuries I can usually deal with. Knowing that pain is coming is something entirely different.

What was it like for Jesus?  Knowing that iron would burrow through flesh and divide ligaments and blood vessels?

How agonizing was it to have all of His body weight hanging on those nails?

And it wasn’t just the physical pain.  Imagine the sounds.

The thud of the mallet meeting nail.

The ring of the metal.

The give of the wood.

The crunch of bone.

The soft sounds of displaced flesh.

Sounds like the kind of thing I would avoid given a choice.

Jesus had one.  He could have escaped the pain.

But His love for us- not just the Roman iron- bound Him to the cross.

Closing Prayer:

I adore you, O Christ,

and I bless you,

because by your holy cross,

you have redeemed the world.


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