takendown3Opening Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ,
take me along that holy way
you once took to your death,
Take my mind, my memory,
above all my reluctant heart,
and let me see what once you did
for love of me and all the world.

Scripture Reading:

John 19:31-40

For Reflection:

The one who claimed to be The Life lay lifeless.

A couple of Jesus’ friends used their clout to have His body released to them.

The tragedy was over and the next day was a holy day of rest.

There were only a few hours to do what must be done before darkness fell.

Supplies were gathered- linen strips sand spices to be used for embalming.

Imagine what must have run through the minds of those who tended to Jesus’ body.

Never again would they hear His laugh, listen to His teachings, feel His arm around their shoulders.

If they thought too much, the tears would come and then they wouldn’t be able finish.

His body was already cold, they needed to wrap it before it got stiff.

It was best if they worked in silence.

jesusdead1Closing Prayer:

I adore you, O Christ,
and I bless you,
because by your holy cross,
you have redeemed the world.